Transplant your own hair - a coordinated solution to the problem of their loss. Hair transplant centers are located in Istanbul, Turkey and Baku, Azerbaijan.

Why fue method?

The method of FUE (Follicular Units Extraction) is a seamless method, which, subject to the technique, does not leave scars in the patient and the most modern hair transplant method to date, which is not a surgical operation and does not leave any scars, gives the highest density of hair planting and increases the survival of grafts. The doctor fully controls the direction, depth and density of the implantation, which provides a natural look of the hair.

What is graft?

Graft is a combined group of hair follicles that can have one to four hair follicles. In rare cases, there are larger grafts (5,6,7 hairs). When transplanting donor grafts in any case are not cut into single hairs.

Who performs the hair transplant?

Transplantation is performed by experienced and certified plastic surgeons transplant doctors such as Dr. Dagan Isik, Dr. Rashad Aliyev, Dr. Ergul. Together with them, a team of medical assistants who have undergone special training.

Does a hair transplant hurt?

When transplanting, a special local anesthesia of the scalp is used, so the whole procedure of transplantation is absolutely painless. The very next day after transplantation and in the future there is no need to take pain medications.

Where do donor grafts come from?

Donor grafts are extracted evenly from the occipital part of the head. Hair from the chin area or some areas of the body can also be used for transplantation to the head.

Is the transplant result guaranteed?

If the transplant is carried out professionally, then with proper care, up to 92% of grafts take root. All transplanted hair continues to grow actively throughout later life and retain their natural qualities.

How much time?

The duration of transplantation by seamless FUE method takes from 6 to 8 hours, depending on the number of transplanted grafts.

How much does a hair transplant cost? Is it expensive? How to get to You?

The cost of hair transplantation is fixed so-called unlimited transplantation - when the required number of grafts is transplanted in one session, but usually no more than 5500 grafts and the cost is per graft. The cost is individual. To determine the volume of hair transplantation in each case, you must write on viber whatsapp or e-mail hotline. Our staff will answer all Your questions. This service is free of charge. The cost of hair transplantation will also include transfer from the airport or railway station to us and back, services of an accompanying interpreter of Russian or English, all procedures and medications, being in a clinic or hotel with meals for the time of hair transplantation. The cost of air travel or railway to us is not included in the price and is paid by the client himself. In more detail we will answer all Your questions when communicating on the specified contacts.

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